Role of adenosine receptors in the adipocyte-macrophage interaction during obesity


Lipoinflamation is the inflammation generated in the adipose tissue. It can contribute to the development of insulin resistance. The lipoinflammation-associated mechanisms are related to the function of adipocytes and macrophages present in the adipose tissue. In this regard, the level of nucleoside adenosine is increased in individuals with obesity. Causes or consequences of this increase are unknown. Although, adenosine activating its receptors (A1, A2A, A2B and A3) is able to differentially modulate the function of adipocytes and macrophages, in order to avoid the reduction of insulin sensitivity and generate an anti-inflammatory state in subject with obesity. In this review we propose that adenosine could be a key element in the development of new strategies for limit lipoinflammation and regulate metabolic homeostasis through modulation of adipocyte-macrophage dialogue.

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Adenosina; Adenosine; Adenosine receptors; Lipoinflamación; Lipoinflammation; Obesidad; Obesity; Receptores de adenosina